Global Emergency Overview

Global Emergency Overview Snapshot: 10 – 16 February 2016


Over 190 children have died and 22,000 have been hospitalised in Tharparkar district in 2016 because of drought-related waterborne and viral diseases. Tharparkar is facing severe drought for the fourth consecutive year, and access to health services is reported to be very difficult, with families travelling an average distance of 17km to reach the nearest health facility.


3.6 million Haitians are facing food insecurity due to drought. 200,000 people are in extreme food insecurity. More than 1,000 people in Cap-Haitien, Nord department are also affected by heavy rains and flooding since the beginning of February, as are people in Port-de-Pais, Nord-Ouest.


Clashes in northern Shan state, between the Ta’Ang National Liberation Party and Shan State Army South, have displaced around 5,000 people since 7 February. There are concerns that the number of IDPs will rise. The IDPs are in need of warm clothes and blankets, food, and other essential commodities.

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